Unfinished projects stunt creative growth

It is easy to get inspired and start a new project. It is not easy to follow through and finish a project. Having a lost list of unfinished projects has no benefits and can lead to bad habits when it comes to your creative growth. Here are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t let your projects go unfinished.

Bad habits

When you leave a couple of projects unfinished, you kick-start a bad habit. A couple turns into a few; a few turns into a lot. Before you know it, you haven’t finished a project in years.

Limited portfolio

Portfolios are important to any creative individual. Even if you are not pursuing a career in a creative field, having a portfolio helps when you want to pick up small creative projects. If you continuously leave your personal projects unfinished, your portfolio will start to suffer.

Nothing is perfect

No project will ever be perfect. We can all look at our art and see ways it can be improved, but if we constantly improve, we will never be finished. Everything could be better, but that doesn’t mean it should be. Rather than delay the completion of a project to tweak a couple more things, accept those flaws and finish the project.

Loss of passion

There are plenty of reasons that people don’t finish their projects. Often, the reason is a loss of passion in a project. This can be dangerous. If you constantly lose passion in your projects, you can quickly lose passion in your art form.

Pushing through the reasons to leave a project unfinished and completing a project will help you stay creatively healthy. Finishing your projects will allow you to grow more confident in your craft and hone your creative skills. Whether you’re working on your own or with a tram, Trello is a good tool to keep your tasks organized and help you finish your projects. If you want to learn more about this, I suggest you check out Andrew Huang and Lisa Esile.

What projects have you let go unfinished? How do you plan on picking them back up and finishing them?

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